What is Collagen and why is it important in skincare

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What is Collagen and its effect in skincare?

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in our bodies. It is a vital protein for our hair, skin, nails, bones and tendons. It provides the elasticity that allows us to stretch and move. It is the glow in our skin, the vitality in our hair and healthy collagen levels keep your nails stronger.

As we get older, our bodies ability to create collagen diminishes, it is this lowering of Collagen that gives the signs of ageing, the elasticity goes from our skin and we start to look that little bit older.

How do we combat Collagen loss in our skin?

Improving your Collagen levels and keeping that youthful glow is all about looking after three aspects of your life. Your mental state, your diet and what you put on your skin.

It has been shown that a stressful lifestyle diminishes our ability to produce Collagen and many even lead to the acceleration of Collagen depletion in our body. Therefore it is important to manage your stress levels in order to keep your Collagen levels high.

Diet plays a major factor in the Collagen levels in our skin. A healthy diet, full of healthy Amino acids and balanced Vitamins helps in the production of Collagen in the skin, it helps keep skin supple and the correct diet can even help lower your stress levels having a double effect on the Collagen in your skin.

Finally using the correct Collagen products on your skin, can help protect and stimulate your Collagen.

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How do Naturallythinking skincare products work with skin Collagen?

Our skincare products work in two ways to protect and stimulate your skin collagen production. Many of our products contain natural ingreients that will nourish the skin and encourage your bodies own Collagen production. For example Pea Extract (Pisum sativum) and Olive Squalane have been shown to stimulate Collagen production in your skin.

In addition our Marine Collagen range of products uses natural elastin and Collagens to add Collagen to your skin. This process helps gives instant visible results, very quickly visibly reducing the effects of fine lines and wrinkles. It will help protect against free radicals and the additional.

The unique Amino acid profile of the Collagen contains lower levels of proline, hydroyproline and acidic amino acids, correspondingly an increased level of amino acids with basic side chain groups that improves the substantivity of the collagen. Proven to increase the resilience of the skin significantly.

What do Collagen Products Feel Like

Collagen products are silky smooth on your skin, you will feel an immersive luxury upon application as they gloss across your skin.

Purchasing Collagen based Products

All Naturallythinking products have beautiful natural ingredients that stimulate Collagen, but our Marine Collagen range contains the finest Collagen and Elastins proteins to visibly improve skin quickly. For more information on our Marine Collagen Range, then please click here

Free Delivery available on all Cosmetic Skincare Products to the UK and Europe

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