Cosmetic Bases for your business

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What is a Cosmetic Base

A cosmetic base is a base skincare ingredient that is suitable for the inclusion of additional oils, plant actives, botanicals and scent to created tailored skincare. Cosmetic bases are used by businesses and home enthusiasts.

For the business you can underpin your brand, allowing you to create a tailor made range of products, taking our cosmetic base and adding the ingredients you want.

For the enthusiast you can use our base product, adding the essential oils and actives to make tailored skincare for you and your family.

Our Cosmetic bases are made entirely in-house by Naturallythinking

We produce all of our Cosmetic bases in-house in our Surrey Factory. Made lovingly, we craft our bases to offer the finest Cosmetic bases. Our Cosmetic bases are all Vegan Friendly and of course we have never tested on animals.

We use sophisticated equipment to ensure consistency and quality. We are the largest independent producer of Cosmetic Bases in the UK and the only Aromatherapy skincare company to produce our cosmetic bases in-house, rather than purchase them from a contract manufacturer. We are simply dedicated to knowing what has gone into every product we produce.

Cosmetic Base Cream for skincare and aromatherapy

Moisture Cream to Shower Gel

All of our Cosmetic bases start of life as beautiful natural plant oils, plant acids and plant waxes. Using our expertise and love, we create a range of Cosmetic bases that are suitable for all skin types.

They can have large amounts of carrier oils, essential oils, fragrances, extracts, botanicals and more added without affecting the stability of the product. Our Cosmetic bases are designed to work for you.

We have a massive range of bases we product and are adding new Cosmetic bases all the time. Our every popular Aloe Vera Gel is oh so versatile, being used in skin wraps, insect treatments and anti-ageing facials.

Our Moisture Cream is the most popular Cosmetic base, with the addition of oils it can be tailored to a body cream, foot cream or facial moisturiser.

SLS Free Shower Gel and Shampoo

We pioneered the uptake of SLS Free Shower Gel and Shampoo throughout the early 2000’s, advocating the advantages long before it had become fashionable.

Our SLS Free range of Cosmetic bases (Shower Gel, Shampoo and Face Wash) are extremely easy to use and extremely versatile. Supporting the addition of essential oils, carrier oils, extracts and botanicals you can produce a wide range of effective and indulgent skincare products.

Cosmetic Bases available in large quantities from stock

Uniquely, we aim to always hold a minimum of 100kg of any Cosmetic base in stock, so that you can meet any last minute deadlines your business may have. Most cosmetic base manufacturers have a lead time of 2 – 3 weeks for this size order, we aim to be able to ship Next Day any Cosmetic base order this size. For larger orders, we can often deliver within the week. We recently delivered a 3000kg order to one our Spa customers in Austria within 3 days of ordering.

Cosmetic Shower Gel Manufacturing


Our Cosmetic Base Sample Kit

If you want to experience all of our range, then why not pick up our Cosmetic Base Sample Kit. Containing all of our cosmetic bases in 100ml size, our Cosmetic Base Sample kit is an ideal way to sample the range, understand it’s capabilities and start working our formulations.

Selling Products made with our Cosmetic Bases

You are free to sell your products that you create with our Cosmetic Bases. The sold products can be found at Spas, Brands, Farmers and Craft Markets throughout the UK, Europe and Asia.

We can help you sell your products legally within the EU with our Cosmetic Product Safety Report service. A Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) is legally required in order to sell your product in the EU.

Uniquely, if you purchase all of the ingredients that you put in our Cosmetic Base and use them in the following maximum percentages, we can prepare the paperwork for you for just £49 and delivery by email to you within 96 hours. This is a service that would normally cost you £300 – £400 and take months to complete.

Off the Shelf Cosmetic Base Recipes that you can legally sell in the EU

In addition, from May 2018, we will have “off the shelf” recipes that you can produce and package and we will produce the Cosmetic Product Safety Report for just £10.

Our Off the Shelf Recipes are a great way to trial your brand and bring out new products that otherwise would have been prohibitively costly with conventional testing charges.

Purchasing Your Cosmetic Bases

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