What is a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR)

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A Cosmetic Product Safety Report is defined by the EU for Cosmetics

Cosmetic Products sold within the EU require a Cosmetic Product Safety Report to be created for the product before it is placed on sale within the EU. This document has to be prepared by a “competent person” as defined by EU regulations.

All products that are considered a cosmetic will require a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) to be completed for them.

Products include all cosmetics, toiletries, creams, lotions, make-up, hair products, deodorants, fragrances, suncare products, shaving products, some teeth products.

A cosmetic product safety report is required for every product to be sold on the European market, as dictated by the EU 1223/2009 Cosmetic Law. It is a report on the safety and legality of a product.

What information does a CPSR include

  • Quantitative and qualitative composition
  • Physical/chemical characteristics and stability
  • Microbial quality
  • Impurities, traces in the product and information on the packaging material
  • Normal and foreseeable use
  • Exposure to the product
  • Exposure to the ingredients
  • Toxicological profile of the ingredients
  • Undesirable effects of the product
  • Other
  • Assessors Conclusion
  • Legal ingredients listing

You will need one report for each product that you sell, including each variation. Unfortunately the new legislation does not permit a report being compiled for multiple product variations, you will need one report for each variation.

Toxicologist producing a CPSR for a Cosmetic Customer

Some CPSR’s can be produced without seeing your product, others require some product testing.

If your product does not contain water and is a blend of oils, waxes and actives, there is a good chance that physical testing will not be needed in order to produce the Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) for your product.

At Naturallythinking we have access to an extensive database of tests and raw material analysis that allow us to give you a 12 month expiry date for many final cosmetic products. If you would like a longer expiry date than 12 months, we would have to perform some additional physical tests on your products.

If your product contains water, then it will always need a physical test (this includes floral waters and liquids such as Aloe Vera) (except when using our range of Base Products see this link for more details). A Preservative Efficacy Test would be required to ensure the effectiveness of the preservative being used in the formulation

If I do not require physical testing, how long does a CPSR take?

At Naturallythinking we are able to offer an excpetionally fast service, because we only produce CPSR’s for products that are made with 100% Naturallythinking ingredients.

Traditionally a CPSR takes around 2 months to produce (without any additional testing such as PET and Stability). There is a large amount of paperwork and the demands for toxicologists are great. We typically can produce your CPSR within 96 working hours!

How can Naturallythinking Offer such as fast service?

In 2017, after 5 years of offering our service, we decided to only offer the CPSR service on products that were made entirely with Naturallythinking ingredients. We did this, so that we could offer a better and faster service to our customers and allow our customers to quickly and cost effectively bring their products to market. Instead of prohibitive £400+ fees to produce a CPSR, we can produce you a CPSR within 96 hours for just £49.

As all of the ingredients are from Naturallythinking, we hold extensive information about every ingredient we sell, grow and manufacture. We do not require additional paperwork from our customers and this greatly speeds up the process. We have performed thousands of tests to compare our ingredients, test their compatability and understand their safety and how they conform within EU regulations.

How do I go about ordering my CPSR from Naturallythinking

You have 3 options, depending upon the type of product you are submitting for a CPSR


This is suitable for products that contain no water, you are happy with a 12 month expiry date and you purchase all of your ingredients from Naturallythinking. For more details and to order your CPSR click here.

Fast CPSR +

This is exactly the same as the Fast CPSR service, however you would like to try and achieve a longer expiry date for your product than 12 months. You simply complete the form online, send us a sample of your product (full details of quantity etc. can be found on the ordering page) and then we physically test your product to determine the shelf life. For more details and to order your CPSR click here.


This is for any product that uses the Naturallythinking Cosmetic Base range. This allows you to have products that contain water (such as Shower Gel) and get a CPSR without costly and slow Preservative Efficacy Testing. For full details and to order your CPSR click here.

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