Essential oil purity

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Our Carrier Oils and Essential Oils are 100% Pure

All of our Carrier Oils and Essential Oils are 100% Pure and Therapeutic grade. We source our oils from throughout the world for Purity, ensuring the oils meet our exacting standards.

Essential Oil Purity Distilling Test Running Small Batch Essential Oils for Oil Profiling

1) Purity

Our Essential Oils are checked with GCMS to ensure the natural profile conforms and the oil hasn’t been adulterated in anyway.

Our Essential Oils come from Pure plant material, as a grower of plants for essential oil use, we are passionate about the quality of our plants.

We never use pesticides or chemical growth enhancers on our plants to ensure they are pure like nature intends.

2) Ethics

Purity goes beyond the oil.

Purity of our essential oils involves the working conditions of those who have planted, harvested and distilled the oils.

Planting Peppermint Oil at our Field in Surrey

3) Environment

Purity includes the effects on the environment.

We do not support essential oils and carrier oils that have caused the mismanagement and degradation of the land both for natural habitats, animals and local population.

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