What Goes into our Body Butters

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In every body butter we triple whip Shea and Cocoa Butters

In everyone of our Body Butter we triple whip Cocoa & Shea Butters to preserve their mineral and skin rejuvenating integrity whilst producing a sublime and silk skin texture that is luxurious and moisturising for your skin.

Our Ghanaian Cocoa is a fragrant delight of indulgent and comforting aromas and combined with Organic Shea produces a texture that breathes life into even the driest and tiredest skins.

Squalane adds a luxurious silk

Squalane is extracted from Olives. Originally Squalane came from Sharks, obviously something we would never want to use. More recently the technology has existed to extract the Squalane from vegetable sources, with the Olive being one of the most abundant natural sources of Squalane. In our Body butters, the Squalane adds a beautiful silkiness, creating luxury as you apply your Body Butter. The benefits go far beyond feel. The Squalane provides natural anti-bacterial properties, protects against oxidative damage and control oil levels in your skin. With it’s gentle and natural composition, it helps prevent irritation of your skin.

Organic Raw Virgin Coconut and Vitamin E

We love our Body Butters to pack a moisturising, anti irritant, skin restorative punch, so we include Raw Virgin Coconut Oil a king of  skin health with a healthy dose of Vitamin E to give your skin an antioxidant boost, protecting against free radicals and daily pollution.

Body Butters with triple whipped cocoa and shea butter

Our range of Lovely Body Buters

You can purchase our lovely range of Body Butters by clicking here. Don’t forget that we offer Free Delivery on all of our cosmetic products.

Delivery is Free on all Cosmetic Products in the UK and Europe

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