Hair Conditioner, how does it work?

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We all know we need to condition our hair, but why?

We all know that after shampooing, if we really want our hair to be in the best condition, we really need to use hair conditioner, otherwise we risk a frizzy, out of control mess, but why is this? Conditioning your hair with hair conditioner is all about opposites attract.

When you look at hair strands closely, you will see they are flaky looking, they aren’t that smooth length of hair they look under the naked eye. When these flakes start to separate apart and do not overlap one another very well, it creates the phenomenon that we associate with dry and frizzy hair. The hair looks limp.

To correct this, we want the little hair flakes to lye down again and to join one another, smoothing the hairs surface.

To achieve this a cationic ingredient is included in the conditioner that has a positive charge, this binds to the negative charge of the hair strand and the charge is so strong the ingredient completely surrounds the strands and covers all the individual flakes, pushing them back down to the hair follicle and making them be one again. This tightly packs the individual flakes and the hair now looks smooth and


The composition of Argan Oil is as follows

  • 44% Oleic acid
  • 30% Alpha-linolenic acid
  • 12% Palmitic acid
  • 6% Stearidonic acid
  • 5% Linoleic acid
  • 3% Myristic acid

These are some of the key fatty oils for healthy hair, and one of the reasons that Argan Oil is liquid gold for hair care and for hair care products.

Extraction of the Argan Oil

Argan Oil extracting for Hair Care Hand sorting of the Argan Kernels for quality

Argan Oil is Suitable for Haircare and Skincare

Argan Oil is found in both hair care products and skincare products. The unique and rich Fatty Acid composition make it suitable for both uses.

Naturallythinking Argan Oil

At Naturallythinking our Organic Cold Pressed Argan comes from the Berber tribe women’s cooperative that is setup and run by local people. The cooperative has established an ecosystem reforestation project so that the supply of Argan will not run out and the income that is currently supporting the women will not disappear. The money is providing healthcare and education to the local women and supporting the local community as a whole.

Purchasing Argan Oil for Hair Care

You can purchase Naturallythinking Argan Oil by clicking here. You will also find Argan in many of our Shampoos, Conditioners and Hair Shots.

1) Hair Growth

Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants. This makes it beneficial to maintain healthy and beautiful hair. Vitamin E penetrates hair follicles and the hair shaft and ensures a healthy scalp with good circulation.

2) Damaged Hair

You will find Argan in many damaged hair formulas, especially those that deal with treatments for hair that has been coloured. The Omega Fatty acids in Argan are vital nutrients for the hair, aiding the hairs natural strength and elasticity.

3) Scalp Hydration and Regulation

Argan oil can help stop an itchy scalp, but can equally stop over oil production in an oily scalp. Argan as anti-inflammation properties that can often be the cause of dandruff and lead to scalp psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

4) Heat Protection

Argan is a highly resilient oil and this resilience can be used to create a natural heat barrier for your hair. Especially effective on a Sunny day, straight after washing and conditioning your hair, spread one or two drops of Argan through your hair with your finger tips, to create a protective heat barrier.

5) Hair Styling and Control

Help fight chemical hair treatments with natural Argan oil, the restorative properties help bring hair vitality and vibrance back.

6) Curl Enhancer

When combined with some Aloe Vera, crunch Argan into the hair and you can enhance natural Curls and Waves

7) Shine Serum

Argan oil helps to tame frizz and add a natural shine to the dullest and driest hair, eliminating roughness and fly-away hair. Just a couple of drops and especially effected when combined with Fractionated (Light) Coconut Oil.

8) Overnight Conditioning Treatment Argan Oil

A wonderful restoration for your hair overnight. Go to bed with dry and dull hair and wake up with lustrous, healthy hair. Massage a few drops before bedtime and then cover with a bed cap (stops any staining to your pillows). In the morning, Shampoo with your standard shampoo and see the results

9) Argan Oil Pre-Conditioning Mask

After Shampooing apply a generous amount of Argan to your hair and leave for 10 minutes, wash away and then condition as normal. The Argan will help calm your scalp and enhance the effects of the conditioner.

10) Argan Head Massage

Not much in life is more rewarding and regenerating than an Argan Head Massage. Ask a partner or friend to massage your hair with just Argan on their finger tips (for real luxury and rejuvenation combine with  a couple of drops of Neroli Oil). The head massage is best performed on dry hair.