Make skincare products at home for your family, improve skin and vitality

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Have you ever thought about making your own skincare products at home?

As we get more conscious about what we put in our bodies, it logically makes sense we care about what we are putting on our skin. At Naturallythinking we make beautiful natural skincare products, using some of the finest natural ingredients for great looking skin.

However as a skincare manufacturer, we cannot make a product for every skin type and every skin situation and legally we cannot make claims for “medical” type ailments (such as eczema). However there are so many ingredients which have been used for centuries to tackle many problems, that producing your own skincare products allows you to tackle.

Making your own skincare products at home can be the perfect solution to you and your families skincare needs. You can make a Shower Gel that suits your child with skin prone to eczema, whilst making a Face Cream that can help with your breakouts. Making your own skincare products puts you back in control, knowing exactly what is going on your families skin.

Make your own skincare products

Making your own Cosmetics and Toiletries is fun and really doesn’t take long

It need not take up all your time either. We find time to cook in the evening for our families, in just 30 minutes a week, you could make enough skincare product for a family of 4 to last a week, producing high end cosmetic products that are natural and save you money. What’s more some of the “waste” from producing your dinner, can happily go into your skincare products, providing antioxidant, Omega rich sources of skin nutrition that would have just found it’s way to your bin.

From Cucumbers to Potentised Extracts

Ingredients in your products can range from the Cucumbers grown in your garden, to our potentised extracts, that have been organically grown and extracted on our fields. We stock all of the ingredients that you need to make wonderful Shower Gels, Shampoos, Conditioners, Face Creams, Body Creams, Cleansers, Balms and much more.

Where to Start making your own skincare products.

Online in our blog you will find links to great recipes and ideas of how to make your own skincare products. We will be adding to these recipes daily and in June 2018 we will be adding a new section to the website of downloadable recipe cards. As you gain confidence, you will learn how to tailor these recipes  to your specific needs.

At our Croydon Store we have a training centre where we offer 3 day courses, teaching you how to make cosmetics. With a maximum of 12 people on our courses and all with your own equipment, you really do get a bespoke course that will teach you the fundamentals of how to make skincare products, from creams to gels, for body and hair. Our 3 day course books out very fast, so always check online for availability and book whilst there are places.

In addition we regularly hold demonstrations, where you can come along and watch us make a skincare product from a balm to a shower gel. You will see the ingredients we use and just how easy it is to produce them.

What is a Surfactant, Emulsifier etc.

Under each of the Ingredient sections on the website of what it is for example an emulsifier makes water and oil combine. Scroll down to the bottom of the page on each of the ingredient types to see more information that will help you understand what the ingredient type does. Within each ingredient there is a detailed description of what the ingredient does and how much you should add of it in your formulation

I have made a wonderful skincare product and now I want to sell it

If you make something that you feel is really good, you may get the inspiration to sell it. There are a number of channels where you can sell your product from online marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay and Etsy to making your own website. Some of our customers have their products stocked locally in shop and Spas.

Remember however, before you start selling your product, you will need to conform to some EU Cosmetic Regulations. You can find out more on this under our labs section. You do not need to meet the requirements of these laws if you are just making at home for yourself (though a look at the law would be good for your own knowledge), but the moment you start wanting to sell or distribute your products they do become applicable to you.

We are here to help with making your own Cosmetics and Skincare products

If you have any specific questions about making your own skincare products, firstly please check our Making your own skincare products FAQ, if you cannot find your answer here, then please do contact us. We obviously get hundreds of enquiries everyday, so please be patient with our answer as we will answer as quickly as we can. We do prefer to answer by adding a new entry online to our online FAQ, so that everybody gets to share the answer.