What makes Naturallythinking Massage Oil Special?

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Massage oils with Pure and Natural Ingredients

As both an Aromatherapy and Natural Skincare company we have access to some of the finest plant oils available on the planet. We source them with integrity, love, purity and ethics. The oils that make our massage oils are simply divine. They are rich in natural Fatty acids and Omega oils which bring

Spa Aromatherapy Massage Oils

Our Massage Oils bring the Spa to your treatments. Each massage oils smells divine with a therapeutic blend of essential oils and cold-pressed plant oils bringing skin and senses alive. The aromas use the power of Aromatherapy to bring calming comfort and we never use any synthetic fragrance in our products.

Slip, Friction, Slide and Effectiveness

Naturallythinking Massage Oils are primarily designed to offer the perfect slip, friction and slide to enhance the massage therapists massage, providing the perfect tool, for the perfect massage. We blend the oils to ensure the optimum client experience.

Skin benefits and lipid hydration of our Massage Oils

Massage Oils should give back to the skin, so in addition to providing the perfect slip, friction and slide our massage oils harness the power of plants that are rich in Omega Oils for lipid skin hydration. We only ever use plant oils in our massage oils to ensure the natural purity in our products that you would expect.

Wild Carrot Oil purity in massage oils

Massage Oils

Visiting Clients – how about our Stain Free Massage Oil

Many of our customers are mobile therapists and over the years have asked for a Massage Oil that is stain free. Traditionally this has always been achieved using chemicals, something we have always avoided in our Massage products.

In 2017, using the latest technology in plant extracts we have developed a non-staining massage oil formula. A formula that doesn’t leave your towels Yellow after one use. The massage oil gives a beautiful slip to offer the best massages at your clients site and easily washes out.

It isn’t just for use when visiting clients, use in your own treatment rooms to keep your towels in tip-top condition.

Purchasing Naturallythinking Massage Oils

Our Massage Oil range is available to purchase online in 200ml / 250ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre and 25 Litres sizes. Our larger sizes are intended for refills and use by Hotels and Spas.

Purchase Your Massage Oils online