18mm Glass Pipette for 50ml Dropper Bottles (Out of Stock)


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Product Description

18mm Glass Pipette for 50ml Dropper Bottles

A traditional Glass Pipette which is made from Glass and Rubber and a polycone sealer to ensure a safe and air tight seal. The glass pipette is suitable for use on essential oils, carrier oils and fragrance oils as well as blends which are made for oral consumption.

Help with Bottle & Jar Closures

If you require any help in determining whether this is the correct cap for your jar / bottle, then please do contact us. All bottles and jars we sell contain a complete description of their neck type and therefore simply selecting the same neck type from the closures will ensure you have the correct neck.

Applying your Glass Pipette and dropper to your bottle

Our tamper evident glass pipette and droppers are very easy to apply to the bottle, the following basic instructions will guide you to easy application. No special equipment is needed other than a pair of hands.

  1. After filling your bottle place the cap on the top of the bottle and start to screw down applying even pressure as you screw.
  2. As the tamper neck starts to flare over the tamper evident neck of the bottle, simply wait 5 – 10 seconds. The reason you do this is to allow the plastic in the cap to regulate temperature with the glass bottle and therefore create the perfect seal
  3. Continue to screw the cap down, the tamper evident seal will pop over the neck and you will here a small popping noise as it does so, continue to tighten until you feel the rubber inside the cap push against the top of the bottle making a perfect seal and the tamper of the cap is flush with the curve of the bottle.

By following these instructions you will apply the cap perfectly to form a watertight seal which is tamper proof for peace of mind of your customers.

Correctly applied cap


In the above example you can see the pipette has slightly raised, this means that the seal has been properly created in the cap and the cap has now made an airtight seal inside, ensuring that the contents do not leak and air doesn’t contaminate your product.

Incorrectly applied cap


In the above example the cap hasn’t been tightened properly, you can see the pipette is still flush with the top of the bottle, which in turn means the seal hasn’t been created inside the bottle, allowing air to contaminate and for the contents to leak out of the bottle. You will need to turn about a further half town to produce a proper seal.


  • Weight: 0.01 kg
  • HS Code: 70101000
  • HS Description: glass pasteur for glass bottles
  • HS Country: GB
  • HS Composition: Glass

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