50ml Clear Plastic Jar 48mm neck PET Plastic


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50ml Clear Plastic Jar with 48mm neck

New, this 48mm necked PET Jar is a perfect Jar for creams, gels, salt scrubs, salts and general cosmetic packaging. The high quality will complement your product range.

The Jar is available with a choice of lids, we will be adding further variations in the future. The neck size of 48mm gives a great finish for creams, masks and other high end products.

Our 50ml jar is made from PET plastic, giving the impression of real glass but with the lightness of plastic. People truly do not believe it isn’t glass until they look at it closely and feel the weight.

The weight gives many advantages over glass and because it is made from PET plastic it is 100% recyclable. We absolutely love them and have moved all of our products to these new jars. Our most popular jar – very high quality and excellent value.


All types of cream, gel and lotion. Customer also use the jar for candles and makeup. The wide neck of the jar lends itself to applications such as beeswax polish and even stationary storage i.e. paper clips.

Common Usage

Body Cream
Salt Scrubs
Skin Balms
Lip Balms
Eye Gel

Compatible Closures

Our plastic jars not only look great but come with a range of closures. We have standardised our jar neck sizes (aluminium, glass and plastic), in order to make the maximum cross over and compatibility with different cap types. We offer aluminium, black plastic and neutral caps and hope to extend this further in the future. Please click the link below the price above to see compatible closures.

Plastic jars looks like glass

PET Plastic has a look like glass which will enhance the look of your products. We use pet plastic throughout our plastic bottle range.

Environmental Credentials

PET Plastic is fully recyclable with a low heat input. The low weight makes PET plastic ideal for transportation.

PET Plastic unlike other plastics does not leach into the ground if placed in landfill and will therefore not cause land contamination.

Bulk Discounts

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  • Weight: 0.09 kg
  • HS Code: 76169990
  • HS Description: 50ml Clear plastic jar for cosmetic use
  • HS Country: GB
  • HS Composition: PP Plastic

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