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Product Description

Original Carshalton Lavender™ Bath Oil, a rich and herbaceous, relaxing bath time treat

Coldpressed Jojoba, Organic Sunflower, Rejuvenating Vitamin E and Blissful Lavender

Skin and mind rejuvenation

FARM TO COSMETIC Organic sunflower and Golden coldpressed Jojoba with Vitamin E rich Wheatgerm and the medley of herbaceous low notes and floral top notes that is Original Carshalton Lavender™

Original Carshalton Lavender™ and cold pressed oils create a body nourishing bath oil which will fill your body with the intense aromatic delight only found in Original Carshalton Lavender™.

Rich herbaceous low notes and floral top notes to give a truly unique and sumptuous experience, leaving your skin super soft and moisturised.

Use when you need some downtime, a time when nothing but yourself matters and when your body is lacking charge and energy.

The rich scent of Original Carshalton Lavender™ in our Bath Oil

Rich in Original Carshalton Lavender™. The Lavender from the fields here in Carshalton is unique and regarded as one the best in the World (even by our French friends!). A wonderful blend of herbaceous low notes and sweet high notes.

Skin Suitability

Ideal for all skin types, ideal when your skin needs a boost of moisture and nourishment.

How to use Original Carshalton Lavender™ Bath Oil

Add to your bath and allow to swirl under running water.

Indulge in the organic scent as the oils nurture and sumptuously enrich your body.

Use in the shower by smoothing the organic oil across your body, allow to soak into your skin for 5 minutes and gently shower off, leaving your skin fresh and fragrant and moisturised.

The non foaming formula is Safe for use in a Jacuzzi™.


  • Weight: 0.3 kg
  • Skin Type: Normal Skin
  • HS Code: 33049990
  • HS Description: Cosmetic Bath Oil
  • HS Country: GB
  • HS Composition: Viscous Oil

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