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Product Description

Skin smoothing and luxuriously moisturising for supple, vibrant skin

Original Carshalton Lavender Body Lotion

From Farm to Cosmetic, grown in Surrey

The beautifully distinctive scent of our Carshalton Lavender Body Lotion luxuriously glides across your skin as you apply.

A rich body lotion that will keep your skin moisturised day long.


Omega 6 Anti-ageing Starflower

Using British Grown Starflower Oil, Starflower is rich in Gamma Linolenic acid (GLA) and Omega 6 fatty acid Linoleic acid. These naturally occuring components help fight dryness, wrinkles and skin damage, and reduce skin inflammation.

The result is a body moisturiser that luxuriously moisturises and cares for your skin.

Skin Suitability

Suitable for all skin types. Carshalton Lavender body lotion will hold and builds skin firmness with silky smooth softness

Skin Suitability

Add a small amount of Lavender Body lotion to the tips of your fingers and gently massage into the skin in circular motions.

There is no need to apply pressure, the moisture lotion will be absorbed by the skin naturally.

Use daily as part of a skin regenerating beauty regime.


  • Weight: 0.3 kg
  • Scent: Herbaceous Lavender
  • Size: 250ml
  • SkinLogo: 3
  • Skin Properties: Smoothing and Calming, provides lasting moisturisation
  • Skin Type: All Skin Types
  • Key Benefits: Skin Smoothing
  • HS Code: 33049990
  • HS Description: Cosmetic Body Lotion
  • HS Country: GB
  • HS Composition: Cream

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