Orange Blossom (Neroli) Floral Water


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Product Description

Orange Blossom floral water helps to protect dry skin by encouraging the skins circulation

Orange Blossom Floral Water, the scent of Summer

Orange Blossom flower water is fresh and rich in perfume-like fragrance with skin circulation-boosting properties that help the skin’s natural rejuvenation and glow.

The oil from orange blossom is soft and gentle and most commonly known as Neroli. The floral water maintains the beautiful aroma and is ideally suited for inclusion into skin toners.

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Ideal for sluggish and dull skin

Orange Blossom water gives a sophisticated scent to toners, cosmetic blends and fragrances, and a perfume-like quality. Use Orange Blossom floral water in your blends, not only to improve the scent but to provide skin circulation boosting properties that enhance the skins vitality.

Skin Benefits

Orange Blossom can be used as a toner to clear your skin of impurities and reduce redness, applied directly as a facial mist to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.

It is often used in formualtions to to reduce dark spots caused by sun damage or aging.

Used regularly in products that look to stop breakouts in the skin, by reducing pore size and cleansing the skins surface.,

Orange Blossom water is silky smooth for the skin, helping to encourage vibrant, healthy skin that glows and is full of vitality.


Orange blossom floral water can help boost mental clarity by promoting relaxation – perfect for those days when stress levels are high!

Blends well with

Orange Blossom Floral Water blends exceptionally well with Lavender and Rose.

Common uses of Floral Waters

Floral waters are most commonly used as ingredients in toners and skincare products, alongside Glycerine, Sorbates and Preservatives.

Many of our customers use floral waters to formulate toners for the skin and choose Naturallythinking floral waters. We uniquely sell fresh floral water, alcohol and preservative-free.

Floral waters are sold as an ingredient to use in skin care preparations.

Preserving your floral water for longer shelf life

Our floral waters are preservative-free and UV filtered on dispatch to ensure maximum compatibility with your use.

You can extend the shelf life by adding 1% dehydroacetic acid and benzyl alcohol or reducing the pH below 5.5 and adding Sodium benzoate & Potassium sorbate.

If you are ordering 25 Litres + and would like your floral waters preserved, please send us a message on your order notes when you place your order, and we can do this free of charge.

Orange Blossom Floral water technical information

Criteria Information

Botanical Name

Citrus aurantium

Extraction Method

Steam distillation

pH Range

6 – 7

Country of Origin


Shelf Life

12 months


Preservative Free*

Active constituents

Phenylacetic (Acid), Nerol, Geraniol, Linalool, Nerolidol, Terpineol (Alcohols), Linalyl acetate, Methyl anthranilate, Neryl acetate (Esters), Jasmone (Ketone), Indole (Nitrogen), Camphene, Limonene (Terpenes).

Phenylacetic (Acid), Nerol, Geraniol, Linalool, Nerolidol, Terpineol (Alcohols), Linalyl acetate, Methyl anthranilate, Neryl acetate (Esters), Jasmone (Ketone), Indole (Nitrogen), Camphene, Limonene (Terpenes).


  • Weight: 0.15 kg
  • Scent: Floral Citrus
  • SkinLogo: 2
  • Skin Type: Dull Skin
  • Key Benefits: Sluggish Skin
  • HS Code: 33011210
  • HS Description: Orange floral water for cosmetic
  • HS Country: GB
  • HS Composition: Liquid

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