Pumpkin Face Serum – Skin Alive Hydrate and Smooth 30ml




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Product Description


Amazing skin hydration with natural Magnesium and Potassium from our cold-pressed Pumpkin Seeds

Amazing Skin Hydration

Pumpkin serum, the go-to for incredible skin hydration – thanks to its natural amino acids! and super high concentraton of Vitamin A and E.

Complexion Smoothing

A skin transformation! Our complexion smoothing pumpkin serum is packed with natural ingredients to help soften fine lines and restore your youthful glow.

Everyday Serum

The light serum, with Organic Aloe Vera our Pumpkin Serum is suitable for use everyday, it will leave your skin feeling light and able to breathe.

Pumpkin, the go-to for incredible skin hydration

Skin Suitability

Pumpkin Face Serum is suitable for all skin types and helps maintain hydration in your skin.

Don’t let winter weather or a sunny summer day stop you from having soft, hydrated skin – Pumpkin Face Serum is here to help! This serum works in any situation, creating a protective barrier that leaves your face feeling moisturised no matter the conditions.

Application Directions

Using your fingertips, pat serum onto skin, then smooth it outward.

Resist the temptation to massage, and let the formula absorb on its own.


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