Why are our Salt Scrubs just that extra bit better

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We use super natural ingredients in our Salt Scrubs

All of our Salt Scrubs use Super Fresh and Natural ingredients to maximise the natural potency of the scrub. We triple blend Sea Salts and use Salt that is extra rich in natural minerals, to give a therapeutic and rejuvenating experience to your skin.

Our ingredients are sourced fresh and grown at our farm so they are rich in Omega Oils, Antioxidants and elasticity boosting lipids.

We listened to our customers to improve the usability of our Salt Scrubs

Using a Salt Scrub can be frustrating, with the salt dropping out of your hand as you try to exfoliate yourself in the Bath or Shower, so we created a way to solve this and pack even more goodness into our Salt Scrubs whilst enhancing the natural goodness.

Using our special production technique we blend Raw Virgin Organic Coconut Shea with rich oils  and natural sugar glucosides to provide grip and slip as you apply to your body. This stops the Salt Scrub from simply dropping into your Shower tray or Bath and instead Scrub your skin as it should.

Removing Dead Skin Cells is half of the story

Our Special Salt Scrub crafting technique has the added benefit of conditioning your skin as it scrubs. The Raw, Virgin Coconut provides a hit of antibacterial protection to your pores and skin cells, whilst the Shea soften and moisturises.

Our sugar glucosides allow the Salt Scrub naturally foam on application of water, allowing it to be easily removed and leaving you moisturised without being greasy.

Our range of Lovely Salt Scrubs

You can purchase our lovely range of Salt Scrubs by clicking here. Don’t forget that we offer Free Delivery on all of our cosmetic products.

Delivery is Free on all Cosmetic Products in the UK and Europe

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