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100% Pure Essential Oils, ensuring purity

Pure Essential Oils, Our commitment to purity and excellence with Essential Oils

We-Grow-Essential-OilsPure Essential Oils, Our commitment to purity and excellence with Essential Oils

One of the biggest questions we are asked by customers that haven’t purchased from us before is “are your essential oils pure?”. There is no doubt there are some companies out there that push the law to the limit, adulterating oils and using aspects of the law that allow a blend of just 25% essential oil to be classed as “Essential Oil”. As any of our regular customers know, we are definitely not one of these companies. We produce and sell, nothing but 100% Pure Essential Oils. Nothing added or taken away, just the pure oil as it should be.

Essential Oil Growers as well as buyers

Uniquely in the British Aromatherapy market, we grow and distill essential oils as well as buy oils from trusted producers throughout the world.

At our 50 acre farms in Surrey we grow Lavender, Peppermint, Basil, Sage, Chamomile and Rosemary. We understand from our growing experience what it takes to produce the finest essential oils and this gives us a great insight when working with other products and growers to source essential oils that do not grow in a British climate.

Essential Oil Quality

It is important that you are confident that your essential oil supplier is supplying you pure essential oils, we have put together a list of key items to look for when selecting your essential oils.

1) Does the Essential Oil say it is pure?

The use of the word “Pure Essential Oil” means it should always be pure. If it says just “Essential Oil”, then you cannot guarantee that it is Pure. We only sell Pure Essential Oils.

2) Price of the Essential Oil

If the price of the essential oil is unreasonably low, then think twice before purchasing. For example if you see Sandalwood for £1 not £15 then you know it is either diluted or a Fragrance.

At Naturallythinking we keep our prices low by growing ourselves or buying direct from growers. Unlike a shop that has an additional markup to make or those that buy essential oils from importers, by cutting the middleman we are able to pass on the cost savings to you. This means sometimes we have some seasonal pricing, but you can be assured of freshness and quality as we are always purchasing and selling this year’s crop.

3) The Container

Essential Oils should always be stored in a dark glass bottle. It is best this bottle is Amber for maximum ability to block UV light and stop oxidisation of your essential oil. At Naturallythinking we sell all of our essential oils in Amber Glass Bottles.

4) Oil Dropper

The Oil bottle should be fitted with a orifice reducer (a plug that controls the flow of the oil from the bottle). It is important this is fitted to stop wastage and to control the dose. At Naturallythinking all of our bottles come with an Orifice reducer as standard.

5) Latin Name

Check the Latin name of the essential oil is printed on the bottle and website (if purchased online). There are many varieties of plants that oils come from and it is important that you know the species it is produced from.

At Naturallythinking we always print the Latin Name on the bottle, so you can be assured of the plant origin.

6) Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Is there asy access to the SDS? This details the background information on the essential oil. Some companies simply will not supply this information, whilst others make it hard to get. At Naturallythinking you can always download the SDS from our website 24 hours a day.


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