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Growing Pine Trees for Pine Essential Oil

Pine Essential Oil production in the Surrey Hills, with farm and distil the Pine Oil for Pine Essential Oil and Pine Floral Water

Pine Essential Oil, Planting Pine Trees for Essential Oil

Back at the start of Spring 2016, we planted a 1/2 acre area with Pine Trees for the distillation of Pine essential oil. Pine Tress grow in abundance and with strength and quality on the North Downs / Surrey Hills area.

Our Farm, located at the gateway to the Surrey Hills is the perfect location to start the planting and it will have the additional effect of providing a natural wind break for our Lavender to help protect it from the winds that whip across the South Downs in late Autumn and Early spring.

Pine Trees Growing at our Banstead field, ready for Pine Essential Oil distillation

Distillation of Pine Essential Oil

Our first distillation will take place at the end of September. We are lucky to have existing establish Pine Trees already on site which will add to the harvest.

Although only small scale (we expect just 1/2 litre form our first harvest), we will produce significant amounts of Pine Tree Water from the distillation process and this will be available in October for purchase.

Pine Essential Oil & Pine Tree Water Properties

Pine has a a fresh, turpentine, camphoraceous top note and dry, sweet, balsamic and woody undertones. It blends well with most other woods and herbs and of course Lavender, in which it blends particularly well. The scent of the Pine Trees growing next to our Lavender field during this summer has been truly beautiful.

Pines main therapeutic properties are “anti-micorbial, anti-neuralgic, anti-rheumatic, antispectic, anti-viral, bactericidal, balsamic, cholagogue, deodorant, diuretic, expectorant, insecticid, rubefactant and tonic.

Pine is useful for many pulmonary complaints and helps clear phlegm from the lungs and bring soothing relief to sinusitis and bronchial conditions due to its expectorant properties.

The fresh and clear scent is helpful in providing relief to fatigue and nervous exhaustion, being restorative and strengthening.

Pine is a useful oil in an oil burner, providing cleansing and airborne antibacterial properties, clearing the space and strengthening self-confidence. Use in the Sauna as a Sauna water, where the antibacterial properties will cleanse and rejuvenate.

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