Patch Testing for Dermatologically tested skin products

Patch testing, what is it and earn free products

Patch Testing, come and volunteer and be part of our testing team for Skin Patch Testing

Patch Testing is an important test for any brand that wants to claim a product is dermatologically tested, it means that the product has been tested on human skin. In conjunction with our partners at ADSL Laboratories, we perform Patch Testing to prove the product passes dermatological testing. These products maybe Naturallythinking Products, Products from other brands or a Placebo?

Patch Testing for cosmeticsWhat incentives does Naturallythinking offer to those taking part in our Patch Testing?

All those that take part in our Patch Testing will receive £30 of skincare products from the Naturallythinking range. You will receive Coffee and Tea each day and have access to our course and technical team, so if you have any questions about producing cosmetics or toiletries or just general questions about aromatherapy and skincare, this is your change to meet our team and have a 1 to 1.

What is involved in the Patch Testing?

You will have a Patch applied to your skin, with 8 – 10 different products on. One of these will be a Placebo and a Control to ensure a base point for skin reaction.

You will be required to keep this patch attached to your skin for 5 days.

How long does Patch Testing Take?

You will need to visit every morning for 5 days. The actual test whilst you are here takes just a minute, we need to take a photograph of the test area and re-apply the patch to your skin.

What Types of Product are Applied in the Patch Test?

All of the products have passed their Safety Reports and Testing in order to sell legally in the EU. All of the products could be commercially sold today with no problems and some are currently on the market. The purpose of the test is to allow the product to carry the label “dermatologically tested”.  The products will range from skin creams, to shower gels to shampoos.

Who evaluates the Patch Test

The area of the Patch will be photographed each day and the Qualified Dermatologist will analyse the skin reaction (if any).

How will I receive my free products?

You will receive your free products on the last day of Patch Testing.

The test is run and insured by ADSL Laboratories

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