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Hedgerow at our field on the Telegraph Track Wallington

hederow planting telegraph track wallington

Hedgerows, Naturallythinking and Nature

At Naturallythinking we love nature, it is the ethos of our company, from the plants we use to the diversity of wildlife that our growing encourages.

Of course there is always a balance when farming between natural wildlife in an area and the farming process, however we are committed to ensuring that we create safe spaces for wildlife at our farms.

One of these safe spaces are our Hedge Rows. When we took over control of our farm at the Telegraph Track in Wallington in December 2016, much of the farm had been neglected and mistreated for over 20 years. Whilst this allowed nature to take its course, it created hidden dangers to wildlife that we not immediately obvious.

One part of our farm was extensively overgrown, under this waste land was a labyrinth of dumped metal from large panels to smaller sharp objects and endless amounts of barbed wire that had either been dumped in the area, or previously used across fences and borders.

Bringing Safety to Wildlife and People

As a result of the overgrown nature of this area, much of the hedgerow was destroyed, the bottom parts not seeing light for years and a large area simply being the bracken overgrowing to our borders. It was a danger to the wildlife in our local area, the hidden barbed wire and metals being a particular danger as well as passing pedestrians, dogs and children.

At the start of 2018 we started clearing this area so that we could restore the land, restoring the hedgerows to their proper state and making a wildlife corridor around our field that animals could use, away from tractors, people and machinery.


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