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Ethical, Sustainable Sandalwood

We source our Sandalwood from the Ord Valley in Kimberley, Australia from the only ethical and sustainable source of Santalum album (Indian Sandalwood).

Since the 1990’s our grower has transformed the desert into forest for the production of Sandalwood, bringing diversity to a once arid area. By using our sustainable Sandalwood, we ensure the corruption and often malpractice which can happen in India with the growing and production of Sandalwood is avoided.

Uniquely our Australian Sandalwood grower:

Manages the entire process from seed propagation to distillation of the oil

All of the woods are traceable all the way back to the planted seeds

The Mixed age plantations from recently planted to ready for harvest ensures a continuous and reliable of Sandalwood for now and in the future.

Sustainable Supply

Our grower uses sustainable management practices to ensure they have a continuous, reliable supply of Sandalwood now and into the future. As they are responsible for the entire process, they are in a unique position to do this.

The Sustainable Guarantee for our Sandalwood

They replant more than what is harvested and own a mixed-age plantation ensuring a long-term sustainable supply.

They test the genetics of the plantations to ensure they maintain a healthy and diverse population base

Their ongoing research and development and breeding program continuously improves the productivity of the plantations

Sandalwood Production, Helping to Protect the Environment

Wild Harvested Timber is replaced with plantation grown tress

More Sandalwood Trees are replanted than harvested

Water efficient irrigation techniques are used.

Clean energy is used for the distillation process.

The sourcing of ethical Sandalwood has always been a challenge in the Aromatherapy industry and so we are proud to team up with our growers in Australia to supply some of the most ethical and high quality Sandalwood available on the market.

For more details and to purchase our Sandalwood, please visit our Sandalwood Essential Oil Page


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