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Sage Harvest 2019 – Fresh from our field April 2019

Sage, our first harvest of 2019 is freshly distilled into our beautiful floral water that is ideal for blemishes

Sage Fresh From our Field, Grown and Harvested on the Surrey Hills

This winter has been especially kind on our acre of Sage plants and we were able to get the first harvest of the year from our Sage this April.

We got a lovely harvest of essential oil, which will be used in our cosmetic products (we are hoping our next late Spring harvest will provide us with oil for sale) and some absolutely beautiful Sage Floral Water (hydrolat). Distilled within an hour of harvest, this floral water is fresh as it can be.

Perfect for use in on blemished Skin, Sage is complexion balancing. Sage water can be used as a preparation for skin toner, or as a base for making cosmetic products such as creams and gels.

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