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Product Description

A luxurious bath oil base that disperses in the bath and combines with essential oil to provide bath time skin nourishment

Bath Oil Luxury

A lovely, rich and nourishing Golden Bath oil.

Created with Organic Jojoba and Organic Sunflower to naturally disperse in your bath.

Bath or Jacuzzi™

The low foaming formula of our Bath Oil makes our beautiful Bath Oil suitable for either Bath or Jacuzzi™ use.

The natural dispersants give a lovely blend of moisturisation without the slip hazard.

Easy to Blend & Create

Bath Oil is one of the most effective bases at absorbing essential oils allowing you to indulge in rich Spa blends, that rival the most exotic and expensive brands.

Skin Suitability

A lovely, rich and nourishing Golden Bath oil.

Created with Organic Jojoba and Organic Sunflower to naturally disperse in your bath.


Country of Origin

United Kingdom



Shelf Life

18 – 24 Months*



Application Directions

Apply under running hot water and allow the oil to disperse across the bath using a slight film. The Bath oil will leave you feeling moisturised without greasiness and is a moisturisation which can last throughout the day.

As well as being a wonderful Bath Oil, it can be used as a Body Oil for use in the Shower. After cleansing, take a pump of the bath oil and rub down your body whilst it is still damp gently massaging into your skin. Allow 1 – 2 minutes before towel drying. The natural oils will soak into your skin and provide you with day long silky soft skin. Especially useful on dry, itchy skin.

Blending Directions

Naturallythinking Bath Oil is a simple but very effective product to blend.

Adding essential oils is achieved by stirring (or shaking) the mixture together.

The Bath Oil will easily mix with the essential oils . You can blend additional carrier oils to further tailored your blend.

Fragrance oils (as opposed to essential oils) can also be used in our bases, although as we only use natural essential oils we do not sell synthetic Fragrance Oils.

“I’ve tried everything and my skin is still dry”

not for long with this blending tip…

A little more complicated than some of our tips, but one that is definitely worth it, when you just can’t get your skin to moisturise. It is a favourite of ours to take on skiing holidays to stop your skin from drying out.

Take 100g of Shea Butter and gently, using a Bain Marie heat the shea butter until it melts.

Take 150ml of Naturallythinking Bath Oil and add 20 drops of Rosewood Essential Oil, 10 drops of Orange Essential Oil and 1 drop of Chamomile Essential Oil.

Allow the Shea butter to slightly cool (but still runny enough to remain pourable) and then pour the Shea butter into the bath oil blend.

Mix thoroughly and bottle (a 250ml – 300ml bottle is perfect for this quantity).

*Shelf life will depend upon the ingredients you add. Adding oils which quickly go rancid can reduce the life expectancy of the product, whereas adding oils with natural long life can extend the product life further by enhancing the natural preservative system.


  • Weight: 0.13 kg
  • Max Carrier Oil: 20%*
  • Max Essential Oil: 4%*
  • Notes: *Offered as a guidance only. Check individual oils compatibility, shelf life and if applicable EU Restrictions. Can support the addition of additives and natural actives.
  • Purpose of Product: Bath Spa, Perfume Skin, Moisture the skin,
  • Scent: Neutral, slight odour
  • Skin Properties: Skin conditioning, Skin Fragrancing
  • Skin Type: Normal Skin
  • Key Benefits: Solubilising Dispersing Oil
  • HS Code: 33019032
  • HS Description: Bath Oil Cosmetic
  • HS Country: GB
  • HS Composition: Viscous Oil

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