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Closure Material
All ingredients are supplied from Naturallythinking
Your product does not contain water or a floral water
You have read and agree to the terms and conditions of service

Product Description

The Naturallythinking Fast CPSR Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) is suitable for Cosmetic Products that are made from Ingredients supplied by Naturallythinking and that do not contain water

Examples of the type type of product that is suitable using this our Naturallythinking Fast CPSR Service


Facial Oils

Body Oils

Massage Oils

Face Balms

Body Balms

Foot Balms

Fast 7 Working Day Turn Around, Submit your CPSR and receive your CPSR in a little over a week

So whether you are looking for a cosmetic safety report for Butter or for a Massage Oil this is the CPSR service for you.

With a 7 working day turn around time, you can order knowing you can quickly bring your product to market.

All Ingredients must be purchased from Naturallythinking

This CPSR Service is available for all ingredients which are purchased from Naturallythinking.

Your Packaging

All Packaging for your product must be supplied by Naturallythinking or one of our approved suppliers (currenly Ampulla or Neville and More).

What to Expect

Providing all of the information is completed fully, we will email you your Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) within 96 working hours. All products that are assessed using the Fast CPSR service will have a 1 year (12 months) expiry date. This means that you will be required to put an expiry date on your products 12 months after the manufacture date.

Do I need to send my product to you for testing?

No we do not physically require to see your product in order to produce a CPSR under the Fast CPSR service. We have enough historical data to create your Cosmetic Product Safety Report without physically seeing your product.

What if I require a longer Expiry Date than 12 months?

Please use our Fast CPSR+ service, which offers all the benefits of this service, however also includes Stability Testing. Stability Testing takes 16 weeks, but if your product passes this entire time, then it can have a 3 year expiry date or a use within 12 months of opening label. If you choose the Fast CPSR+ service to get a longer expiry date, we can issue you an interim CPSR with a 12 month expiry date so that you can be selling in the short term and should your product pass the 16 weeks, we will issue you with a new CPSR with the update expiry details.

The Cosmetic Product Safety Report Submission process

Having a CPSR produced by Naturallythinking for your product is very simple and straight forward.

The process is entirely handled online with our online CPSR submission tool and will be delivered within 7 working days (subject to all information being completed fully online).

How to Complete the Submission Form Above

All required forms have an *(asterix) next to them. This information is required to legally product a CPSR. The following details the required information.

Required Items to produce your CPSR

Product Name – The name you have given the product

Product Manufacture Address – The address where you manufacture the product

Responsible Person – The person who is responsible for your product legally being sold in Europe and the UK (normally yourself)

Responsible Person Phone No. and Contact Address – Details that the responsible person can be contacted on

Packaging Material – Details of the Packaging that is being used i.e. PET Plastic for the plastic bottles we sell, or glass or Aluminium. Select from the dropdown list the bottle / jar you are using.

Closure Material – The closure material of the bottle / jar that is being used. Most plastic closures are PP plastic and most Aluminium closures have an EPE lining. Select from the dropdown list the closure you are using.

Optional Items to produce your CPSR

You can add up to 22 ingredients using our CPSR service. In order to produce a Cosmetic Safety Report, you will need to enter at least one of ingredient and percentage.

In each box, please enter your Ingredient name (Latin Name) and Percentage in the following format:

Lavender Essential Oil (Lavendula Angustifolia), 2%

You can find the latin name printed on your product or under the Technical Tab under any ingredient on our website.

Check list for entering the Information required for your CPSR

  • All Ingredients must be purchased from Naturallythinking
  • All Packaging must be purchased from Naturallythinking, Ampulla or Neville and More
  • All of your ingredients should be listed both by name and latin name
  • Don’t forget to put the percentage of each ingredient entered
  • Ensure that all of your percentages add up to 100%
  • If you have essential oils in your product, you will require Vitamin E in your product in order to produce a Cosmetic Safety Report. This can be in the form of either Tocopherol (natural vitamin E) or Tocopheryl acetate (synthetic Vitamin E). You will require a minimum of 0.2% in your product to stop products forming peroxide. Please include this within your submision as an ingredient. Please include this within your submision as an ingredient. If this information is omitted from your submission and your product contains essential oil, we will automatically add natural Vitamin E as an ingredient in order to pass your CPSR.
  • Ensure that your product does not contain water. If it does, then you will require a PET Test (see below for details on how to have your product PET tested).
  • Ensure you have accurately entered your product name and address as to change this at a later date will incur additional fees

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