Golden Argan and Wildcrafted Chamomile Shine Radiance Shampoo 250ml




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Product Description

Shine boosting Argan nourishment with clarifying, refreshing, build up removing Mediterranean Lemon & English Chamomile

Shine & Body Enhancing

Shine Enhancing, Cleansing and Refreshing. Moroccan Argan nourishes whilst adding shine to your hair, helping to revive dry hair and bring vitality without oiliness to greasy hair.

English Chamomile and Lemon not only gives a stunning scent, but provide stimulation for the scalp to produce healthy new hair growth.

Hair Suitability

Formulated for Normal Hair Types and for Daily Use

Application Directions

Apply the Shampoo to wet hair, Gently massage and work into a smooth, creamy lather, then rinse.

Follow with a desired Naturallythinking Conditioner. Massage throughout the hair, from root to tip then rinse thoroughly. Towel dry and style.

Can be used in conjunction with Naturallythinking hair shots once per week for an added hair boost. Simply use the hair shot before shampooing for an extra shot of hair enrichment.


  • Weight: 0.22 kg
  • Hair Type: Styled hair, Hair that has a lot of styling products used on it
  • Purpose of Product: To cleanse the hair and help alleviate build up in the hair
  • Scent: Relaxing and Refreshing Scalp cleanse with Citrus Lemon and Clarifying Chamomile
  • Key Benefits: Build-Up Remove
  • HS Code: 33051000
  • HS Description: Hair Shampoo
  • HS Country: GB
  • HS Composition: Gel

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