Liquid Soap SLS Free


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Cosmetic Base Liquid Sizes

Product Description

Liquid Soap SLS Free

By popular demand we have added and SLS Free version of our ever popular liquid soap to our product range.

Using some beautiful natural ingredients our SLS Free Liquid Soap is soft, luxurious and creamy and with an indulgent texture.

Naturallythinking SLS Free Liquid Soap contains Squalane. Squalane is a naturally extracted from the Olive for natural emollient and antioxidant properties and is suitable from dry to sensitive to oily and acne prone skin. It hydrates, moisturises the skin with it’s superlight and non greasy texture.

Blending Tips

Naturallythinking SLS Free Liquid Soap already contains someone wonderful natural extracts such as squalane, however it can be further enhanced with the addition of feel enhancers. Bis-disglyceryl polyacylapidate-1 is particularly effective at just 0.2% at producing a caring and nuturing handwash

SLS Free Liquid Soap Benefits from slow stirring of additiona ingredients, including carrier oils and extracts or closed agitation (add the oils / extracts whilst in a bottle, seal the cap and shake vigorously).

Skin Suitability

Naturallythinking SLS Free Liquid Soap is suitable for all skin types, the soft and nurturing nature making it suitable for the entire familyThe Liquid Soap can be tailored to suit certain skin types with the addition of carrier oils, essential oils, active ingredients, extracts and feel enhancers.

Application Directions

Liquid Soap can be used as both a base in body was treatments or as a handwash. With the addition of Climbazole in our testing with have used the SLS Free Liquid Soap as an effective hair wash

Use as a Hand Wash

Rinse hands under clean warm water, apply a pea size amount of hand wash to your hands, lather and rinse with clean warm water.

Use as a Body Wash

Wet the body and then apply the liquid soap to to a flannel and rub gently across your body, allowing to foam. Rinse with clean, warm water

Country of Origin

United Kingdom

pH Value of SLS Free Liquid Soap

5.5 – 6.5

Stability / Shelf Life

24 – 36 months

The above shelf life is based upon Naturallythinking SLS Free Liquid Soap without additional ingredients. The shelf life can be affected by the addition of ingredients. Adding oils which quickly go rancid can reduce the life expectancy of the product, whereas adding ingredients with natural preservative and anti-oxidant properties can prolong the life of the Liquid Soap.


  • Weight: 0.1 kg
  • Max Carrier Oil: 0.5%
  • Max Essential Oil: 3%
  • Notes: *Offered as a guidance only. Check individual oils compatibility, shelf life and if applicable EU Restrictions. Can support the addition of additives and natural actives.
  • Purpose of Product: To cleanse and moisturise the skin
  • Scent: Neutral, slight odour
  • Skin properties: Skin cleansing, skin conditioning, skin refatting and moisturising
  • Skin Type: All, customisable with essential oils, oils, actives and extracts
  • Key Benefits: Luxurious, moisturising, cleansing
  • HS Code: 33049990
  • HS Description: Liquid Soap Cosmetic
  • HS Country: GB
  • HS Composition: Gel

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