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Product Description

Carbomer is a white fluffy powder which when neutralised creates clear gels and brings consistency and flow enhancement to products. Used in creams, lotions and shower gels imparts a silky feel.


Carbomer is one of the rare ingredients that was formulated for Cosmetic use. Most ingredients were originally intended for other uses and found their way into Cosmetic Use, however Carbomer was always formulated for Cosmetic Use.

Although not a “natural” product, Carbomer has no documented safety problems and is listed safe by the Cosmetic Independant Review. The Skin Deep database gives Carbomer a Zero Risk. Because of the way Carbomer works, it is very rare for anybody to have any reaction to Carbomer.

Carbomer not only thickens a product, but will bring stability and texture enhancement. By changing the usage level, you can create a stable free flowing product to a very stiff hair gel.

Carbomer always has to be neutralised to work and this is most commonly done with Sodium hydroxide. Once neutralised correctly, Sodium hydroxide will not be present in your final formulation.


Carbomer is usually used between 0.1% and 0.5%.

Carbomer must be thoroughly mixed or hydrated before use, otherwise it will not work properly and has the risk of formation of lumps in the final formulation. Carbomer once fully hydrated is neutralised with Sodium hydroxide to bring the pH to 6 or greater. At this point the Carbomer turns into a Gel structure.

Common Products Carbomer is used in

Skin Gel
Hair Gel
Shower Gel
Face Wash
Moisture Lotion
Moisture Cream


Carbomer is especially formulated for the demands of Cosmetic production and is not intended for internal use. Care should be taken during the neutralisation process to avoid contact with Sodium hydroxide on the skin.

In order to keep consistancy, sheer (the amount of mixing) of Carbomer based products should be kept the same as viscosity of Carbomer based gels decreases the more Sheer that is given to the final product.


  • Weight: 0.7 kg
  • Skin Type: Normal Skin
  • Carbomer Version: Carbomer 940
  • HS Code: 39061090
  • HS Description: Carbomer
  • HS Country: GB
  • HS Composition: Powder

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