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Product Description

Andiroba oil from the seeds of the Andiroba tree, calm acne, smooth pimples, replenish dry skin and tackle wrinkles. Rich in Omegas it is wonderful on curly, damaged and Afro-Caribbean hair

Andiroba Seed Oil

Harvested from the seeds of the South American Andiroba Tree, Andiroba is a rich and difficult oil to extract; taking approximately a month from start to completion. The trees grow to approximately 30 meters in height and produce a golden oil that possesses a unique combination of essential fatty acids and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Skin Suitability of Andiroba oil

The highly emollient oil is effective at moisturising dry cracked skin and is used in products intended to heal eczema and psoriasis. Andiroba penetrates the skin quickly, acting as an excellent emollient carrier oil. Baobab is naturally high in limonoids and triterpenes which are anti-inflammatories, which is why Andiroba is often found in formulations for musclar aches and pains and products intended to reduce swelling; indeed the Brazillian football team are known to use Andiroba after every football match to aid muscular recovery. Andiroba has a beneficial effect of not being liked by insects, thus provides a formulation with anti-insect protection. Andiroba is used in the Amazon to kill parasites and insects often by direct administration or by burning in an oil light, where the andiroba wards off insects.

Hair Suitability of Andiroba oil

Andiroba is known to promote healthy hair. Andiroba comes into it’s own on dry curly hair and Afro-Carribbean hair where it helps moisturise the hair without leaving a greasy feel or a look of greasiness. For optimum results Andiroba oil is best applied to the hair warm.

Latin Name

Carapa guianensis (Andiroba) Nut Oil

Extraction Method

Cold Pressed

Country of Origin


Average Shelf Life

18 – 24 months

Oil Specification

Colour – Yellow to Brown
Odour – Characteristic (Strong)
Form – Liquid

Fatty Acids

Palmitic acid (C16:0): 25-30
Palmitic acid (C16:1): < 2
Stearic acid (C18:10): 8 – 14
Oleic acid (C18:1): 49 – 60
Linoleic acid (C18:2): 4 – 12

Natural Contents

Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, proteins and minerals.


Add 0.3% to skincare products, to enhance skin feel and application glide. Helps to create a natural, no greasy protecting barrier for the skin

Andiroba oil properties

Andiroba Oil


None recorded and as with all carrier oils (except St Johns Wort), safe to use during pregnancy. As with all nut based carrier oils, always use with caution on people with nut allergies.


  • Weight: 0.15 kg
  • Contraindications: N/A
  • Country of Origin: Various
  • Latin Name: Carapa guianensis (Andiroba) Nut Oil
  • Part of Plant Used: Seed
  • Purity: 100% Pure
  • Scent: Light fatty acid scent
  • Skin Properties: Calm acne, smooth pimples, replenish dry skin and tackle wrinkles. Rich in Omegas it is wonderful on curly, damaged and Afro-Caribbean hair, Emollient
  • Key Benefits: Wrinkles / Curly Hair
  • HS Code: 33049900
  • HS Description: Andrioba Oil
  • HS Country: GB
  • HS Composition: Plant Oil

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